My name is George and this is my personal blog. I use it as a platform to talk about the things that interest me, primarily software engineering and snowboarding.

I am a passionate and self-driven problem solver with over 14 years of professional experience developing software. Possessing the skill sets to effectively step-up as a leader and mentor, while remaining a strong individual contributor. All while making numerous contributions to open source projects such as Django, Chef Habitat, jQuery, and SaltStack.

Outside of computers, I like to get out and hit the slopes! The majority of the photos on this site were taken during my adventures. The types of snowboarding I enjoy most are freeriding and boardercross.

The Site

Things I generally enjoy writing about are my personal projects, as well as some professional ones when given permission. The majority of my personal projects consist of hardware hacking and learning new technologies.

I have recently developed heavily in the Rust Programming Language, and enjoy using my knowledge to help others grow. My journey into Rust has lead me to learn a lot about systems programming and microcontrollers. There will occasionally be posts covering projects that target AVR and Xtensa ISAs as well as some FPGA projects.